Practice Act, Wyoming Statutes 33-4-101 through -117

To expand on the authority given by the legislature in the Board's Practice Act, the Board may promulgate the following rule types: Emergency, Proposed, or Filed. 

Emergency rules, once approved, are valid for 120 days. Proposed rules, once approved, are posted for a 45 day public comment period. Filed rules, once approved, have gone through the public comment period and are the current rules in effect for the Board and licensees. 

FILED RULES (effective October 25, 2018)
Promulgated by authority under the Architects and Landscape Architects Practice Act W.S. 33-4-101 through W.S. 33-4-117.

The complete version of the Rules filed October 25, 2018, formatted for two-sided printing.
This is a high level overview of changes made to the rules filed October 25, 2018. This is provided for convenience. Licensees are still responsible to ensure they read and understand the Rules.
By Chapter:
Chapter 1 - General Provisions
Chapter 2 - Repealed 2015
Chapter 3 - Licensure Requirements
Chapter 4 - Repealed 2015
Chapter 5 - Repealed 2015
Chapter 6 - Repealed 2015
Chapter 7 - Repealed 2018
Chapter 8 - Renewal and Continuing Licensure
Chapter 9 - Seal Specifications and Use
Chapter 10 - Professional Conduct and Grounds for Action
Chapter 11 - Practice and Procedures for Application, Licensure, and Disciplinary Matters
Chapter 12 - Fees
Appendix A - Repealed 2018
Appendix B - Repealed 2018

As referenced in Chapter 1, you can find the following incorporated materials:

The Board's Rules and Practice Act have been listed above for your ease and convenience.  To obtain these materials directly from their source:
You can find the Rules on the Secretary of State's website at: Click "Current Rules" and scroll down for "Architects and Landscape Architects, Board of (012)".

You can find the Practice Act (aka Statute) on the Wyoming Legislature's website at:  You will be searching for Title 33, Chapter 4 for the Board of Architects and Landscape Architects. 

The Wyoming Board of Architects and Landscape Architects is staffed through the Professional Licensing Boards Office, 
a division of A&I.