Wyoming Board of Architects and Landscape Architects

License Renewal

Renewal Notices were mailed to licensees with a December 31, 2021 expiration date on September 30, 2021. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, however, online renewals are not available. As such the Board Office is unable to accept credit card payments.

Renewal Form

Not sure if you renew in 2021 or 2022? Look up your license expiration either on the documents we gave you during the last renewal or at https://architects.wyo.gov/public/lookup.

Retired Status vs License Expiration

Considering retired status or letting your license expire?

Retired Status:

Individuals seeking retired status must apply for this designation and on this application, they must attest that they:

  1. Have held a valid license as an architect or landscape architect (as is appropriate) in any jurisdiction for at least ten (10) consecutive years.

  2. Have retired and are not practicing, and will not practice, architecture or landscape architecture (as is appropriate) in any jurisdiction.

  3. Understand the retired license shall expire and be renewable on the same two (2) year cycle as their Wyoming active license.

  4. Understand the Board Rules require that they list their occupation as retired on the board-approved renewal form and certify that they are not currently practicing, and will not practice, architecture or landscape architecture (as is appropriate) in any jurisdiction.

Architect Retired Status Application

Landscape Architect Retired Status Application

License Expiration:

If you do not wish to renew your Wyoming license, or you do not qualify for retired status, you can simply allow your license to expire. Frequent questions we receive regarding license expirations and their answers are as follows:

  • Q: Is there discipline associated with not renewing?

      • A: No.

  • Q: How do I let my license expire?

      • A: By doing nothing - just don't renew! Ideally those electing to not renew their Wyoming license will email stefanie.capner@wyo.gov to let her know. You will still get renewal reminder notices as you hold that license until it actually expires.

  • Q: What if my license expires and I need a Wyoming license again?

      • A: As you can read in the section below, there is no late renewal. However, you have three (3) years from the date of your license expiration to seek reissuance of your expired license. This requires a reissuance application, $375 application fee, and 24 hours of HSW CEH earned in the 2 years prior to applying for reissuance. After 3 years, you apply as if you were new to the state.

  • Q: Will the Wyoming staff miss me?

      • A: You betcha! Don't go!

Late Renewal

The Board's governing statutes do not provide for the late renewal of a license. If you do not renew your license prior to the expiration date, you forfeit your license and are no longer legally eligible to provide architectural or landscape architectural services in the State of Wyoming.

You may, however, apply for reissuance of your expired license within three (3) years of your license expiration date without being required to repeat the licensure examination. After three (3) years you must apply as a new applicant and you may be required to repeat the examination. The reissuance forms can be found on the Forms page.